Sarri Is Disqualified For 2 Matches, Lazio Immediately Appeal For The Case

After the decision of the Sports Judge to disqualify Sarri for 2 matches, the biancoceleste has decided that it will file an appeal.

The bickering with Saelemaekers will cost Sarri dearly.  The Lazio coach was disqualified for 2 matches after the heated confrontation with the Milan player at the end of the game and the subsequent protests with blasphemous sentences.  

Upon becoming aware of the decision of the Sports Judge, the club immediately decided to appeal.  The goal is to reduce the sentence to one match.  If the complaint is accepted, the Commander will be able to return to the bench for the away match against Torino.

Meanwhile, Giovanni Martusciello is preparing to lead Lazio on the pitch in the match against Cagliari under the suggestions of Mister Sarri.

After the penalty imposed on Maurizio Sarri, two days of disqualification, pending the outcome of the appeal, it will be Giovanni Martusciello who will direct Lazio on the pitch against Cagliari.  

"My debut in Empoli with the goal against Lazio was something important that made me known throughout the football world.  I can say that Lazio has perhaps always been in my destiny," he said in an interview.

And now it's up to him to take matters into his own hands and come to the rescue of his close friend, Sarri.  As reported by the usual press review of Radiosei, the two have always been together, professionally speaking, except for the period in which Sarri went to Chelsea and Napoli, he had given his word to Corsi and Spalletti.  The former striker is enthusiastic about his new adventure alongside Sarri, they are in perfect harmony and surely Martusciello will know how to manage the team in the next match.

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