Uefa Ranking By Club, Updated Standings: Here Is The Position Of Lazio

September 03, 2021

Uefa has updated the ranking by inserting this season in place of 2016/17, the biancoceleste move up the ranking.

Uefa has updated its club coefficient rankings at the start of the new season.  The ranking is not what led to draw up the slots for the Champions, Europe, and Conference draw, but the current one with the scores that will add up thanks to this season's results.  

Maurizio Sarri's Lazio now occupies the 27th position with 44 points just one point behind Benfica.  We remind you that the coefficient is drawn up by examining the results of all clubs in European competitions in the last five years (from 2017/18 to 21/22) to which the score of the Federation of the country of origin is no longer added, as happened in past but which only makes the difference in the event of a tie (or replaces the score if the team has lower).  

Lazio which has risen a lot thanks to the excellent Champions League group last season closed with 2 wins and 4 draws.  

At the top, there is always Bayern Munich, followed by Manchester City, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Chelsea.  As for the Italians in the top 100 positions, there are Juventus (9th place), Roma (14th), Napoli (22nd), Atalanta (23rd), Inter (25th), Milan (37th), and Torino. (95 °).  

From the Uefa website, we also remember how points are awarded in the Europa League:

2 - For each win from the group stage onwards (excluding play-offs for the knockout stage)

1 - For any draw from the group stage onwards (excluding play-offs for the knockout stage)

4 - First place in the group

2 - Second place in the group

1 - For each round reached by a club from the round of 16

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 points in the UEFA Europa League group stage (not added to the points earned).  No points are awarded for elimination in qualifying, as these clubs advance to the UEFA Europa Conference League and can earn points by participating in that competition.

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