Sarri: "Between Bologna And Verona? They Hurt In The Same Way, I Had Seen The Team Aware Of The Importance Of This Match, Then We Melted Like Snow In The Sun."

A very bad defeat that suffered by Lazio that comes out with broken bones from the Bentegodi of Verona.  Tudor's team beat the Biancoceleste 4-1: Simeone's poker and Immobile's goal, although he had rekindled the hopes of a comeback at the beginning of the second half.  At the end of the race, coach Maurizio Sarri answered the questions of the journalists at the press conference.

"Difference between Bologna and Hellas Verona? They hurt in the same way, at least in Bologna we were even more dead than today. The situation was quite similar. In Bologna we were in downtime, this game surprised me because I had seen the team aware of the importance of this match, then we melted like snow in the sun."

"There were the conditions to get back into the race but in the end, we have to ascertain the level of aggression of the opponents who dominated. We are showing great limits in terms of continuity, a team cannot win against Roma and Inter and then lose in Bologna and Verona with all respect for the opponents."

"This leaves me thinking that in terms of mentality we still have to make enormous steps forward. The Europa League is indeed exhausting but today honestly on the pitch that had played 90 minutes on Thursday there were only two players so I would take away the excuse of the physical question."

"Certain performances are unacceptable after showing competitiveness in matches such as those against Roma and Inter.  It is an analysis to be done on a collective and individual level, everyone has to look inside and understand what happens."

"We will do it as staff and we are talking with Tare about going to the retreat to try to understand what is in everyone's head.  These are races where it is difficult to get an idea of ​​even what individual performances are.  There is little to save, we did the opposite of what we had planned.  We have lost lucidity."

"About Luis Alberto? If you win against Roma and Inter the ideas arise and then when you lose you change your mind. It is difficult for me to give a logical explanation."

"I work for the team on the front of the shirt and try to help the name on the back but I will never do the opposite. I'll put everyone in a position to perform at their best but my primary interest is the team and Lazio. "

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