Tare: "Basic Deserves To Play In This Match. The Coach Made This Decision, We Have 11 Players In The Starting XI, He Looks At The Way They Train All Week And Makes Decisions Based On That."

Lazio director, Igli Tare explained the reason why one of the star midfielders, Luis Alberto, did not start the match against Inter Milan which took place on Saturday (16/10).  His position was replaced by a new player, Toma Basic.

Lazio director Igli Tare explained Luis Alberto was not started in the big game against Inter Milan in Serie A because he did not apply enough high pressure as Maurizio Sarri likes.

Francesco Acerbi was suspended, but the big surprise in Biancoceleste's starting XI was Toma Basic instead of Luis Alberto in midfield.  All statements emerged from whether the Spanish midfielder was injured, a tactical decision, or there was a problem in the dressing room?

"I don't know where you get that kind of thinking about dressing room problems," Tare told DAZN.

"The coach made this decision, we have 11 players in the starting XI, he looks at the way they train all week and makes decisions based on that.

"It's a problem when we don't have players, and it doesn't matter if we have a lot of players to choose from."

As for the selection of Toma Basic to replace Alberto in the starting line-up, the director also explained.

"Basic struggled a bit at the start, Sarri did his best to slowly introduce him into the team, he has improved over the last month," he said.

"The system is based on high pressure, where all 11 players have to make the right moves, when one of them doesn't do that it becomes a problem for the other players.

"Basic deserves to play in this match."

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