Claudio Lotito And Lazio Ready To Fight Racism And Discrimination In Football

Lazio president, Claudio Lotito informed that he will continue to fight discrimination and racism by claiming that he will absolve himself of this kind of behavior that has nothing to do with sporting values and human dignity.

"Fratelli Tutti" project that held at Lazio's training base, Formello is a project that fights discrimination and supports the 'A Kick to Exclusion' program. And in that project, Claudio Lotito talks about his work to free football from behavior that has nothing to do with the value of sport and human dignity.

The Lazio owner appoints the President of the USC Shoah foundation into the structure of his club, which is an Institute of History and Visual Learning as proof that Biancoceleste is trying to fight discrimination.

"During my 18 years as president of the club, I have changed the whole social environment around football for Lazio fans," said the president as reported by Sportitalia.

“I'm still under pressure, but I know this is the right path, I claim liberation from behavior that has nothing to do with the value of this sport and human dignity.

"To free ourselves from any initiative with a discriminatory aim, we have included President Shoah foundation in our club structure."

This was done by the president of The Aquile motivated by the desire to eradicate the racism behavior that still occurs among the supporters of their favorite team who usually attacks opposing players when they are playing against each other, and it has happened several times.

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