The Rise Up Of Stefan Radu

January 13, 2022

At First, it looks like there seemed to be no more room for Radu in Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio, and instead, the end of the year and the beginning of 2022 changed Stefan Radu’s path. In the past season with Inzaghi, the Romanian was an immovable starter, in this season he only collected benches until December except in an October match when due to an emergency the coach sent him on the field together with Patric.

Stefan Radu is recovering at Lazio and seems to have forcefully returned to the ranks of Maurizio Sarri's choices. Recently when called, Radu always responded well either by returning to cover the role of left-back in which he played at the beginning of his career: He was played there twice against Genoa and Udinese, and then played as a starter in Venezia. Or in the center-back role like In the last match against Inter, he replaced the injured Acerbi, and in that match with inter, he did so well with the usual charisma that distinguishes him combined with the experience of those who have been wearing the eagle on their chest for more than ten years. 

As reported by the usual press review by Radiosei, Radu closed the match with 3 recovered balls and 36 successful passes, behind only Marusic and Luiz Felipe. In total, Radu's appearances with the Lazio shirt are 417: no one likes him in the club and behind only Chiellini and Magnanelli in Serie A. The Juventus defender is in fact at 565, while the black-green player is at 474.

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