Lazio Is Seriously Considering Sassuolo's Kyriakopoulos As Reinforcement For Left Back Position

Lazio needs to make new moves at the back, with Greek full-back Sassuolo's name appearing.

The defense needs to be rebuilt, it's urgent, the Derby's result just confirmed it countless times. Luiz Felipe will leave on a free transfer, with Patric likely to follow him, while Acerbi could say goodbye at the end of the season.

Reflection, also on the flanks. Lazzari, Marusic, and Hysaj are all right-footed and one of the three can leave: it will depend on the offer and none can be considered untouchable today.

Lotito plans the revolution, enraged by the derby collapse, and fed up with these disastrous crashes, but he was the first to clarify the club's intentions. Sarri's extension has been announced for months and has not been discussed since Christmas. The coach burned through the transfer market in January and is now asking for guarantees over the summer. The relationship with Tare never worked, but there were frequent discussions between the two sides on how and where to improve the team.

Lazio needs a left-back, a regular. Radu already 36 years old, has already renewed for a year, he can be an alternative.  Kamenovic is not convincing, Sarri never uses him, he is not taken into consideration, he can be loaned out in the summer. We need a good left-back, a ready-made player with legs, and good technique.

In Formello, the name of Giorgos Kyriakopoulos from Sassuolo has been brought in.  Born in 1996, he has dedicated himself to Dionisi, he is now the regular of Sassuolo's left-back position.  He took the position at the end of October, he ousted Rogerio, he is becoming one of Sassuolo's players who is now grinding the game and the points.  

He is the second full-back in Serie A with a lot of assists (5), in this special ranking, only Theo Hernandez is ahead of him. Kyriakopoulos has also seen strong growth in the defensive phase, something Dionisi's staff have been working towards over the past few months with good results.

The Greek, who has made five caps for the national team, is also used to playing with four players, a detail that cannot be ignored. Sassuolo estimates his worth at around 10 million euros, and boy did he renew his contract a month ago, which expires in June, with Sassuolo looking to take precautions after a stellar season. A contract extension does not rule out the transfer market, with Sassuolo a club accustomed to negotiating and giving in in the face of important offers.  

He cost less than a million and was acquired by Astreas Tripolis three years ago in what could be a significant capital gain for neroverdi. Lazio is considering and who knows he might be a hot target in the coming months.

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