Strakosha: "I Didn't Know I Was So Close To A Legend Like Pulici. It Makes Me Proud To Be In The History Of Lazio."

On the night before the Lazio-Venezia match, Thomas Strakosha speaks into the microphone of the club's official channel.

"What game do I look forward to? A very difficult game because Venezia is looking for important points like we are. On the other hand, at this stage of the season, all teams are fighting for their goals."

"Is this the strongest Lazio? I don't know if now is the strongest Lazio at the time I've been here, but it's one of the most mature. Many of us have played together for many years, and over time we have grown on and off the pitch, which makes us more responsible."

"I didn't know I was so close to a legend like Pulici. It makes me proud to be in the history of Lazio. I think back to when I arrived very young at 16 and hitting these goals with this jersey gives me goosebumps. It's all thanks to my family, my teammates, all the coaches I've had over the years, the fans, the club, and I'll always be grateful to everyone.

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