Vavro: "I Am Happy To Be Back In Copenhagen. I Will Not Return To Italy. My Heart Only Beats For FCK Now."

Denis Vavro, after a disappointing experience in the Biancoceleste, flew to Denmark to wear the Copenhagen shirt.

His adventure in the Scandinavian country started positively and he finally found his balance on and off the pitch.  As he told the microphones of TV 2 SPORT he did not regret the choice he made: "I am happy to be back in Copenhagen" he declared.  

He felt welcomed by the fans and this makes him feel good even when he takes the field: "When I first came to FCK, I had never seen 20,000 people in a stadium.  And now they are shouting my name."

Despite this, however, he does not deny that he feels the pressure before each match and revealed: "It is probably the fear of making a mistake or losing the match.  I do not know.  I am nervous before each race."

"There is pressure from outside.  And from the staff.  You just have to play, play and play, they say. I want to play, but sometimes something happens in my head.  I'm afraid of making a mistake or losing the ball and then throwing it away or something.  It's only the first ten minutes, then it goes by."

The Slovakian defender moved to the Danish club with the loan formula, he has a contract that still binds him to Lazio and will have to return at the end of the season.  But it's not something that makes him feel calm and he expressed his disappointment about it: 

"My heart only beats for FCK now.  Hope to stay here for maybe another year.  I want to stay here at FCK.  Maybe another two years.  I will not return to Italy.  In January, before the short break of the national team, they called and said that there were several offers from Italy.  But I said no because I don't like Italy.  I will never stay in Italy.  Why not?  Because I want to stay in Copenhagen."

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