Corsi: "Lazio On Vicario? I'd Almost Be Happy If My Friend Lotito Made Me A Fair Offer. Pinamonti Backup For Immobile? Absolutely No!"

On Radio Incontro Olympia's microphone, Empoli president Fabrizio Corsi commented on the rumors in the market about players from the Tuscan club linked to Lazio:

"Vicario is the best goalkeeper in the league that has just ended, together with Maignan. We will redeem him from Cagliari honoring the agreement, and then we will assess his situation."

"Empoli will sell one or two players they can't keep because they have demands from Italian and foreign clubs, they will play internationally and the others will stay and grow and improve together."

"Lazio on Vicario? I'd almost be happy if my friend Lotito made me a fair offer. Lazio will be in the front row, as long as they see our work and more importantly the true value of this boy."

"Parisi? We want to keep him so he can complete the journey at Empoli, partly because of injury last season that kept him out for five months."

"Pinamonti backup for Immobile? Absolutely No! The 22-year-old wants and needs to start, so Bologna or Torino could be the right choice for his next destination."

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