Lazio Responds Back After Mourinho Attacked Them In Press Conference

Acerbi's offside goal controversy at Spezia-Lazio didn't seem to be over.

Lazio did not remain silent after José Mourinho attacked Acerbi's goal against Spezia in the press conference and of Caressa during the Sky Sports Club, Lazio has published a note on its official website. Here it is below: 

"In fact, in 2022, the coach of another team kept pointing out in his press conferences that the so-called referee was partial to competing teams, while some national sports journalists, confessed football believers, were disturbed by the same topic, Forgetting their professional roles and responsibilities of impartiality proves something."

"Lazio is more obsessed with their ideas than other coveted career goals; as often happens, they look at other people's homes to divert attention from Missed results and attention to sensational events at home, happening in the eyes of all for the benefit of all."

"Despite the need to build a football image in Italy, some protagonists insist on constant repetition of targeting Allegations of referees and VAR; attitudes towards referee categories and a lack of journalistic objectivity towards these offensive attitudes are too much or too often ignored."

"SS. Lazio refutes criticism and allegations against broadcasters, still believes that values ​​are reflected on the pitch, not in the TV."

"Lazio will never act as an alibi or scapegoat for anyone and will be where appropriate Show their reasons."

"The club continues not to discuss decisions made on the pitch, even when it comes to obvious incidents against the Biancoceleste team, such as Tonali's foul on Acerbi in Lazio-Milan on the occasion of the goal or the elbow in the area of ​​Ibanez on Milinkovic in the return derby, to name just two, although we have many others, also in Spezia-Lazio."

"The key episodes we talk about Respect for the referee on the pitch and silently deciding on VAR, respect for others not showing and continuing not to show."

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