Mourinho: "I've Been Coaching For 22 Years And 22 Years Ago You Could Win A Game With An Offside Goal, You Can Still Do It Today, Yesterday A Team Won A Game With An Offside Goal."

Roma boss Jose Mourinho mocked Lazio in a press conference, claiming the winning goal was ruled offside against Spezia on Saturday night.

Lazio and Roma are now level at the top of the Serie A table after Maurizio Sarri's side beat Spezia 4-3 on Saturday night, while Roma draw 0-0 with Bologna on Sunday night (01/05)

Mourinho appeared to criticize the referee's leadership in his post-match press conference, even speaking out.

"History hasn't changed, I've been coaching for 22 years and nothing has changed, but in general football has changed, you haven't," he said on DAZN.

"The other thing that hasn't changed is that 22 years ago you could win a game with an offside goal, you can still do it today, yesterday a team won a game with an offside goal."

Mourinho was referring to Francesco Acerbi's stoppage-time win against Spezia. Two Italian broadcasters, DAZN and Sky Sport Italia, tried to analyze footage of the goal, but given camera angles and perspectives, no one could see the version VAR saw using computer-generated lines.

Only the last defender who was in an offside position was counted because VAR made a quick clean sheet decision leading to charges that they did not notice the goalkeeper being so far away.

This would be a mistake, as offside requires at least two players from the opposing team to be on the same line at least, usually including the goalkeeper.

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