[Official] Tare Leaves Lazio And Post A Farewell In His Social Media

Etienne Tare's adventure in Lazio Primavera comes to an end. The player want to say farewell to everyone via social media.

Lazio Primavera striker Etienne Tare, son of sporting director Igli Tare, has made an Instagram post in which he greets his team-mates as it was the last year for him as young eagles by age limit.

Regarding his future, the young centre forward is still under contract with Lazio. Therefore, next season he may stay at biancoceleste Primavera without a quota.

"Another chapter in my little career ends today, I grew up with many of you, we've played together for over 15 years, and unfortunately many of you have gone your separate ways. I'm going to thank you for this wonderful year with you and wish you all the best! Good luck," said the son of Lazio's sporting director.

Regarding the situation of his teammates (Shehu, Furlanetto, Bertini and Adegabo), the first is about to expire his contract, while the other 3 are out of quota, but, by regulation, they will not all be able to continue to be part of the Primavera.  Their future is in doubt and will be clarified over the next few weeks.

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