Sevilla Asks About Luis Alberto Again, Lazio Targets Hellas Verona's Ilic For His Replacement

Lazio's upcoming summer will bring a lot of changes, and many players are far from clear about their futures. Among them is Luis Alberto, the Spaniard who has often been the protagonist of attitudes that irritate Sarri, and the club (most recently the absence in Lazio-Verona) could be among those expendable to obtain liquidity. 

Sevilla is very interested in him and Luis Alberto is also an avid fan of the team that will allow him to return to his hometown to continue playing at a high level. Lazio is demanding more than £30m because Biancoceleste has to admit 30% of his sales to Liverpool, which is why Lazio's demands are so high.

There are no offers at the moment and Sevilla has him on their list, which they may try to ask in the next few months, but also beware that other La Liga and Premier League clubs may try to move on. Lazio is willing to sell him but they want to be satisfied, Liverpool's future sale clause is an important factor and Lazio doesn't want to lose too much.

According to Alfredo Pedullà's explanation, Luis Alberto's replacement could come from Hellas Verona in case he says goodbye. Lazio has their sights set on Ilic, the midfielder redeemed from Manchester City for €7.5m, and for which Verona is asking for 20 million for him. A very expensive deal that can only be done by selling the magician.

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