2 Lazio Legends Comment About Carnesecchi

Injury to Marco Carnescchi complicates negotiations with Atalanta. In this sense, the scale of the problem will be the basis for Lazio's understanding of whether to stick with or move on to other targets.

Commenting on the goalkeeper's situation, former Lazio coach and historic Italian national team goalkeeper, Dino Zoff, spoke to Radiosei:

"Regarding Carnesecchi, I think that having played in Serie B does not change much for a goalkeeper compared to having played in A. Shots on goal are always shots on goal and I don't think it will make much of a difference. Let the orthopedists talk."

"There's only one rule: young people have to play when they're good. Ultimately, when you're strong, you will emerge. Lazio has been in a similar position to this year for five or six years, so for me, it has not had a surprising season. Now is the time to intervene in the market appropriately."

Another former Lazio goalkeeper, Luca Marchegiani, also spoke to Sky Sports about Marco Carnesecchi:

"Having said that the shoulder for a goalkeeper is a very delicate joint, but Carnesecchi is young and I see no reason why he should not recover very well and we wish him very quickly. I like him very much and if I were Lazio I would bet strongly on him."

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