Emerson: "I Have A Contract With Chelsea, Now I'm Going Back To Chelsea For Pre-season And We'll See What Happens Next Month."

Among Lazio's transfer goals is Emerson Palmeri: The Chelsea full-back has made a statement about his future.

Lazio's summer transfer market could be opened up with Maurizio Sarri's extension until 2025. While waiting for the official first shot, Shakthar Donetsk midfielder Marcos Antonio, the Biancoceleste management continues to monitor other market targets.

The priority is of course the defense, losing Luiz Felipe, possibly Acerbi, and, most importantly, no left-back role. In this position on the field, Sarri had to adjust one between Marusic and Hysaj or even to field Radu.  

A reinforcement was expected already during the transfer session in January, Kamenovic was finally signed at that time but he didn't play that role.

One of the names that have been around for a while is Emerson Palmieri, owned by Chelsea. The Italy international full-back arrived in London after his experience with the Giallorossi shirt in January 2018 and played in Lyon, France last season.

Emerson was intercepted by the London club's official microphone and stated his future, which included:

"I have a contract with Chelsea, I played there for three seasons and I have a lot of friends there. I'll be happy when I come back. But I'm not sure yet. Let's see what happens."

"Come back last January? It would have been nice, but Lyon refused, so I'm not coming back. Now I'm going back to Chelsea for pre-season and we'll see what happens next month."

Emerson's is a profile that Sarri likes a lot.  The Biancoceleste coach would gladly embrace him again after having trained him when he was sitting on the bench of the Blues.  

In addition to the Italian full-back, Lazio also continues to follow Fabiano Parisi, a player who plays for Empoli and on whom Simone Inzaghi's Inter also seems to have fallen.

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