Tare's Response To The Latest Lulic's Interview

24 hours after the interview with Senad Lulic, Igli Tare's reply arrived quickly. In a lengthy scoop published by Corriere dello Sport, the Lazio sporting director shares his thoughts on the fact that Senad Lulic has left Lazio.

"That word of betrayal hurts me, it's not right. For the 10 years, Senad has spent at Lazio, for the trust and the many contract extensions, for the relationship I've always had with him, it's not good. He has a special role, and like me, he's someone who speaks to his face, even the most uncomfortable ones."

"The basics are missing from the interview. Which ones? Simone Inzaghi was in the final year at Lazio when Lulic's contract was about to expire. Lulic has already moved his family to Switzerland, that's where he wants to live."

"We had a cup of coffee and I told him the club was going to give him another year. Simone had a great relationship with him, he was his captain, a constant reference. It's a shame he's played very little that season, he says injuries are worse than expected, and he's been playing little physical activity in training.

"When our negotiations are coming to an end. I heard him say on the phone after the game against Sassuolo. I told him I heard rumors about his talks with the Swiss club Zurich, and he replies that he is not there and he has nothing. The club doesn't know yet if Simeone will stay, and the schedule is determined by the coach's staying."

"These are the things I communicate with him without losing sight of what is special, the greatest clarity and honesty. Lazio's doors are only half closed for him, it's all up to the coach. I can't let myself lose my balance for a reason, risky promise, that's it: with Simone or with someone else?"

"On June 30, still on the phone, I explain to Senad that the club intends to start a path of rejuvenation, ours is the oldest team in Serie A, and in his position, there is the intention to take on a younger one."

"However, the advance that as soon as the stadiums reopen the club will organize a ceremony at the Olimpico to greet him worthily in front of our fans. He is in the history of Lazio and will always be. He answers: 'Thanks, I don't want anything.'"

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