The Liquidity Index Will Not Be A Criterion Of Participation In Serie A Anymore

June 14, 2022

The Liquidity Index cannot be used as a binding criterion for the entry of champions.  The Serie A League wins and beats the FIGC. The Coni College of Guarantee accepted the club's appeal. The fight for the league is largely led by Lazio president Claudio Lotito.

The Guarantee Commission has expressed disapproval to the federal government because the decree, which was finally passed on April 26, says companies should be accountable from March 31, so the decree will apply retrospectively. In short, it's like committing a crime that hasn't been identified as a crime. Therefore, the standard is being revised and modified. This success is also for Lotito who will now be able to avoid writing off Lazio's Liquidity Index with a personal payment of 5 million by 22 June.

Serie A expressed satisfaction in a press release:

"Serie A notes with satisfaction the National Licensing Manual 2022/2023 announced today by the CONI College of Guarantee, which has been approved by the Italian Football Federation, including the introduction of a liquidity index as a condition for entry to the Championship."

"The device sent by the highest sports jurisdiction confirms the validity of the objections to the improper measures repeatedly expressed by the league, certainly not in substance, but in method and timing, especially the retrospective impact on the current management."

"Hopefully from today, we can work together again to push concretely and quickly those reforms that, starting with Serie A, that everyone does not think must be based solely on dialogue and sustainability, improve the competitiveness of the league. Strengthening football at the national and international level."

With this result, the liquidity index will remain a fundamental parameter for the transfer market, but not for participation in the championship.

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