[Official] Enrico Lotito Becomes Managing Director Of Lazio Primavera And Lazio Women

Not only Angelo Fabiani but also the president's son, Enrico Lotito, has joined the club: this will be his role at Lazio.

Lazio reorganizes their corporate structure. President Claudio Lotito has decided to add elements to best manage all categories and sections of the team. In addition to Angelo Fabiani, his trusted man in the Salerno period, the president has also decided to bring in his son Enrico.

In particular, according to Il Messaggero, Enrico Lotito will serve as general manager of the entire youth division and the entire women's division, supporting the work of Angelo Fabiani and manager Mario Bianchessi.

The Lazio club is expanding as a result, and all of Lotito's most trusted people will help him improve his results and achieve all the goals set, especially after the Lazio women's team was relegated to Serie B and the Primavera, which has missed the promotion goal.  

Enrico Lotito will be managing the club according to what he has learned from his father in recent years, in the role of managing director.

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