Auronzo Di Cadore Day 13

Day 13 at Retreat Auronzo di Cadore. Lazio, who beat Triestina yesterday, seemed to be in full swing. Positively emphasizing Cancelleri's performance, he immediately felt comfortable in the lead role. 

The game is real, physical, technical, and fast. Romagnoli's debut was well-received by fans and the author of an excellent defensive intervention. Sarri decided to let the team rest in the afternoon, not to be overtired. 

Morning session

The trainer assembles the group for the morning session at 10.30. The players have been concentrating on the long-term work of muscle relaxation: the season is approaching and athletic preparation will be the foundation, taking into account the peculiarities of the calendar.

Lazio works on tactics in a group after finishing an athletic job, another fundamental job that the coach takes very seriously. Tactics on the defensive line at set kicks and cross to the center of the defense as well as flanks.

Immobile and Romagnoli are working separately, while Milinkovic-Savic has been asked to work harder to make up for the recent days. It's great to see that these two fan idols seem to be improving in addition to last season's physical issues.

The work continued, and the Tre Cime silently monitored Biancoceleste's progress.

After the session ended, Maximiano stayed on the field for a while, trying to change shifts. Radu, Patric, and Marusic were still on the field signing autographs for fans in the stands of Zandegiacomo.

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