Lazio Is The Least Team On The Ratio Of Fouls Committed But Got The Most Yellow Cards Among The Top Team In Serie A

Maurizio Sarri was furious at the end of the Lazio-Napoli game as he feuded with referees Sozza and Var (Fabbri).  He complains about the missed whistle and consequent penalty for the obvious contact between Mario Rui and Lazzari: the Portuguese sees the Lazio full-back approach, raised his elbow, and hit his opponent in the jaw. The Milanese referee sees and lets it go.  

Just as he had not made a turn in the first half, Kim Min-Jae pushed Luis Alberto with both hands in front of the goal to make it 1-1. According to the rules, the referee must stop the game and return the corner because the ball was not launched from the corner.

Lazio-Bologna was the moment when the Biancoceleste and the referees began to split. Sarri denounced this. However, the numbers proved him right. Especially when it comes to foul distribution and yellow card handling.

Lazio - in these five matches, have committed 50 fouls and received 15 yellow cards. The Biancoceleste, therefore, receives a yellow card for every 3.3 fouls.  Sarri's team is whistled on average 10 fouls per match and receives three yellow cards per game. 

Inter - have committed 58 fouls so far, receiving eight yellow cards and therefore suffering a yellow card for every 7.25 fouls.  A significant disparity compared to what happens with Lazio.  The Nerazzurri have an average of 11.6 fouls per game, yet receive only 1.6 yellow cards per game.

Napoli - Lazio's latest opponent, has so far committed 52 fouls in five games, with eight yellow cards issued: therefore a yellow card for every 6.5 fouls, an average of 10.4 fouls per game, and 1.6 yellow cards per match.  Same as Inter.

Milan - do the same fouls as their cousins, Inter ​​(58 fouls), but have received 13 yellow cards, ergo one card for every 4.46 fouls.  The average says that the Rossoneri commit 11.6 fouls every 90 minutes and therefore receive 2.6 yellow cards per game.

Roma - with one game less - have committed 33 fouls and received only four yellow cards.  11 less than Lazio. Mourinho receives a yellow card for every 8.25 fouls and has an average of one yellow card per game.

And Juventus - The bianconeri like Lazio have committed 50 infractions, but have received 8 yellow cards, therefore one for every 6.25 fouls and like Inter and Napoli they receive 1.6 yellow cards per game, despite the average misconduct being 10 per match.  

Lazio, therefore, with numbers in hand, for the referees is the worst team among the big names in the ratio of fouls committed and yellow cards received.

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