Sarri: "The Team Played Well Today, They Were Strong And Determined. Today, We Have A Sense That We Can Make A Difference Compared To Last Year."

Lazio beat Cremonese 4-0. Biancoceleste made up for a Europa League loss against Midtjylland. At the end of the game, Maurizio Sarri spoke at his usual press conference.

"The team played well today, they were strong and determined. We were not passive, we played well. We have made certain mistakes, and we know where to put our hands to rehabilitate ourselves. The problem is solved? I don't know, when we stopped playing three games a week last year, we didn't have that problem anymore.

"If you don't let Thursday's game affect you, it will be a positive moment. What moves us is that we seem to concede fewer goals than last year. Despite the bullshit every week, we are always fighting. Today, we have a sense that we can make a difference compared to last year."

He then also commented on the "parasite" he mentioned after the fiasco in Denmark,

"It is the motivation. You can't make a lot of noise for a word. It's in the staff, in the locker room, and the environment. I call it the 'motivation parasite'."

"After seven games, it is not possible to have regrets.  The draw against Sampdoria left us the refinement for the progress of the match. But looking at the standings now doesn't feel like it. We don't know what championship we'll do, the sensations are good right from retirement.  But at the moment we cannot yet know what our strength and our role in the league will be."

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