Immobile Will Be Out For At Least Three To Four Weeks Because Of His Injury

Bad news for Lazio. Unsurprisingly, Immobile's injuries were absolutely serious: an instrumental examination performed in the morning showed moderately severe damage to the hamstrings of his left thigh. The recovery time is uncertain, but preliminary estimates are already possible. The Lazio captain is expected to be out of action for at least 40 days. That would push his return straight to 2023. An ugly patch for Sarri, who now has to prepare a backup plan.

Ciro Immobile's injury has been the hottest topic in Lazio over the past few hours. The captain was injured against Udinese and his condition is under the spotlight of the environment. The club announced in an official statement that it was a moderate injury to the left Achilles tendon. It remains to be seen how long Lazio's all-time top scorer will be off the pitch.

The first hypothesis was put forward by the physician and former Lazio Orthopaedic Manager Stefano Lovati, who spoke exclusively to La Lazio Siamo Noi:

"It's not easy to tell the time without seeing the MRI and the player. Moderate injuries are very vague about this. For at least three to four weeks, it depends a lot on the area of ​​the muscle or tendon muscle channel. This parameter is also important to understand timing and recovery. For secondary injuries, it takes 3 weeks to 40/45 days."

Is it an injury from overwork or a specific strain of a muscle?

"Yes, but not always. Overload, but also stretching or acute distraction. It can come from several mechanical dynamics, including muscle loading and acute trauma. It's one that football players are often injured in."

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