Wins Against Fiorentina, Lazio Breaks Historic Record

October 11, 2022

Tonight's victory is rare and important. This not only confirmed that Lazio is one of the fittest teams in the league, scoring 21 goals and conceding five but also allowed them to set a record again.

4-0 at Cremonese, 4-0 at Spezia, and 4-0 at Fiorentina. Lazio is a scoring machine and they proved it even in the last league match against the viola thanks to the magic of Vecino, Zaccagni, Luis Alberto, and Immobile.  

Sarri's side has won three games in a row with 4 goals: two away and one at home. A record-worthy result on the field: Lazio is the first team in Serie A history to win three consecutive games 4-0.

As Opta points out, this result makes the Biancoceleste equal a record they held precisely Fiorentina!  In fact, since 1959, no Serie A team has won three consecutive games by at least four goals.

Fiorentina won consecutive 7-1, 7-0, and 6-0 victories over Genoa, Udinese, and Talmone Torino in the 1958-59 season.

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