Leiva: "Lazio Has Shown They Can Beat Any Team. With All Players Available Again After The Break, Lazio Will Have An Opportunity To Close Out The Season With A Significant Result."

November 16, 2022

Dinner with Felipe Anderson last night and farewell to staff, teammates, and the club this morning in Formello. Lucas Leva is back "home" as the Lazio headquarters is where he spent one of the best years of his career. The former Lazio midfielder, who spent a few days in the capital, spoke into the Lazio-style radio microphone during his visit to the sports center.

"I have many great memories here. I'm so happy to be back and see so many friends I've left behind. I'm happy to be in Rome, I'll be in the capital for a few days, but if I can, Rome is still my ideal city for holidays. Formello was my home for 5 years."

"I'm happy for Felipe Anderson because he has a different role with Ciro injured. With all players available again after the break, Lazio will have an opportunity to close out the season with a significant result. Felipe had a difficult time at Porto this past year. Given his current state and Sarri's close relationship with Felipe, I think he deserves these results. Felipe needed Sarri's trust to improve and grow."

"Cataldi? He has replaced me as an important member of this team. He knows how essential he is to the success of our team each year. By year after year, he improves in both defensive and offensive play. Since he’s from Lazio, he is a football player that inhabits the surrounding environment. I returned to Brazil and it's more or less the same: I feel Gremio a lot, it's my favorite team, and it's the same for Danilo who represents so much for the people of Lazio."

"Marcos Antonio is young and comes from a very different league with very different characteristics from mine. He must stay calm and continue to learn from Cataldi. People expect him to become a vital part of the Lazio team moving forward; physically, he must improve. People who know him say he has a strong work ethic and should be encouraged.

"I scored 3 goals with Gremio. I haven't scored here for 3 years, Lazio sorry if I left all these goals for Gremio!"

"Due to injuries, many important players won't be at the World Cup. I hope Brazil wins because they're usually considered the favorites. The defensive capabilities of Brazil's team are incredibly strong; hopefully, they can get this important trophy."

"When I told my son Pedro that I came to Rome, he cried because he was still in love with Lazio and he has many friends here."

"The title is still open. Napoli is doing some interesting things, but everyone else is there. Lazio has shown they can beat any team. We've had slumps in the Europa League, but the team is strong. Players who arrive are well placed. They are all close at the moment, but Lazio has a good chance of getting into the Champions League."

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