The Dilemma Of The Luis Alberto Situation

November 17, 2022

Gazzetta dello Sport - like almost every transfer in the transfer market - repeats the catchphrase "Luis Alberto". The Spaniard, who was coached by Sarri, fell back in the hierarchies and became a substitute. That status does not please the magicians who try to look elsewhere, especially in Spain.

Sarri couldn't do to him what he could do to others: convert him to his type of football. However, earlier in the season, Luis Alberto made an important contribution (always taking over). It seemed that this part-time job suited everyone. In the last month, however, the Magician has disconnected the thrust. At this time, the rift with Sarri is almost irreparable.

According to Rosea, transfer became the only solution. But at what number? Luis Alberto is 30 years old, his contract expires in 2025, and his annual salary exceeds 3.5 million euros, including bonuses. In addition, Lazio valued him between 25 and 30 million euros. It's hard to find a club willing to put up similar numbers for a player who is no longer young. In fact, in the previous market session, Sevilla stopped at these amounts. It is easy to believe that history will repeat itself. For this reason, the club is considering a loan deal, but that would cause new problems. Because - due to the usual liquidity index - Lazio can make incoming operations with the same formula as outgoing ones. So they can only loan one player if they decide to loan out the Magician.

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