Caicedo: "I Miss Lazio So Much, It's The Club Of My Heart, It's My Home."

December 28, 2022

Decisive yesterday with a goal scored with the Abha Club shirt, Felipe Caicedo spoke to Radiosei this morning. The forward once again underlined his love for Lazio and his dream of wearing the biancoceleste shirt again:

"In Saudi Arabia, we've resumed the game, things are going well. Recently, I scored a similar goal to the one I had in the derby with Olsen at the goal. I can also dive and dribble on the goalkeeper, I possess this ability. There is often discussion of the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. If he were to arrive, it would be a lot of stuff, it would increase the quality of the championship significantly."

"I miss Lazio so much, it's the club of my heart, it's my home. I'm excited to return at some point, I miss the environment, I miss my teammates, I miss the city. I would like to return, physically I'm in good shape. I'm training effectively, and I've rediscovered the consistent training that I lacked before several injuries. Over time, I'm increasing my physical and mental capacity. There are numerous memories, including the goal against Roma. It was a singular occurrence, I remember the entire stadium, it was a lot of stuff. I remember when I joked about the Scudetto at Christmas dinner. I truly believed in it, but not only me. We were in the faith, even if not everyone dared to express it publicly. It was the outbreak of the pandemic that led to the collapse."

"I observed every match, my Ecuador performed admirably. They have a lot of passion, and I appreciated them. Valencia? He's important, he had a couple of games without scoring, but he has experience and quality."

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