Lazio Observe Morita If Marcos Antonio Failed To Adapt Into Sarri's Tactic

A name for the future, Lazio observes and monitors it. It's about Hidemasa Morita, he's a central midfielder, he plays for Sporting and is a Japanese international.  

With the Japanese national team, he participated in the World Cup, starting in 3 of 4 games. He is right-footed, and he has a keen understanding of the game, speed, and resistance. Lazio is currently studying him, this is currently a covered position, Cataldi is excelling and Marcos Antonio is attempting to overtake the 32. However, this is also a delicate position, Sarri wants assurances and the Brazilian must demonstrate growth in the coming months, otherwise, his future could also become a mystery. 

Marcos Antonio is having difficulty assimilating into Sarri's philosophy, he is very light physically, and he struggles when there is physical contact to be had, or when the pace increases. Lazio's investment in the Brazilian needs to be assessed within the next few months. This is important to understand if the boy can become an asset.

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