Lotito Has Been Offered Luca Pellegrini From Juventus As A Solution To Lazio's Left-back Problems

Lazio wants to fulfill Sarri's wish. The idea was to give the Tuscan coach what he wanted most: left back. The latest information comes from Turin, via Frankfurt. It is a football player who has been courted and coached by Sarri in the past. According to rumors collected exclusively by La Lazio Siamo Noi, Luca Pellegrini from Rome, born in 1999, a natural left-back, has been offered to Lazio. He grew up in the Roma youth team and made his Serie A debut with Giallorossi. Young and already experienced in different teams (Cagliari, Juventus, Genoa, Eintracht Frankfurt).

Pellegrini has already met Sarri, who coached him at Juventus. The coach respected him but fails to make him emerge due to the high competition for his role in big squads like Juventus. Luca then begins his search for new opportunities until he reaches Frankfurt. However, he has not been able to break through in the Bundesliga and has remained on the bench despite playing 559 minutes this season. The German club would like to return him to Juventus, however, the Lazio theory has emerged in recent hours. The benefit comes from the zero cost of the operation. Lotito could hypothetically give Sarri a vice-Marusic for 6 months without spending a single euro

This is the exact purpose. If Lazio believes in the project's goodness and if Sarri approves of the concept, the negotiation should also involve the new Juventus board of directors. Lotito also can propose a possible redemption option for the player in June, this would be beneficial to Sarri because it would indicate that the player would remain in Rome. Only through this method could Luca Pellegrini assume the role of a promising prospect that the Lazio coach could utilize in the future. A low-cost acquisition, indeed, almost free (the German club could also discount a large portion of the possible six months in Lazio). Lotito would already be prepared to give this to Lazio. The transfer market is still in development.

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