Lotito: "To Describe Juventus As Criminals Of Italian Football Is Inaccurate, They Have Contributed To The Continuation Of Italian Football. It's The Facts That Matter In Life, Not Words."

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has defended Juventus, who are being investigated by the Turin public prosecutor for misconduct during the Covid-19 pandemic by secretly paying their players' salaries.

Juventus is being investigated by the Turin prosecutor's office for allegedly committing misconduct by secretly paying their players' wages during the Covid-19 pandemic despite publicly stating that four months' wages had been waived. Investigations into the fraudulent use of capital gains are also ongoing.

Lazio president Claudio Lotito commented on the ongoing investigation into Juventus and their financial practices.

"I'm not a judge, everyone when they win they will participate, then they flee when problems arise for the people they previously employed, for example, they paid 160 million euros to pay two players," Lotito said as quoted by Football Italia

"Today, people have spoken negatively of Juventus, but they have contributed to the continuation of Italian football.  Is there any chance the investigation will expand? I'm not sure if the other teams have a similar attitude."

"It will not directly involve Lazio, for me, it's about pride and a sense of security, especially considering the way I began, the dramatic situation."

He then discussed his former colleague at Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, who resigned last week.

"I met him in the Senate, and I greeted him with a hug. Did I give him any advice? No, it's not important, he gives an inaccurate impression of human nature from a human perspective that is different from what he has done for Italian football."

"To describe Juventus as criminals of Italian football is inaccurate, everyone attempted to instill animosity towards Juventus, politics is one thing, human values another, and Andrea is a worker.

"We used to meet in my office at 8 am, I don't care who they are, but I stand for values, when someone has values, they're put on the field, it's the facts that matter in life, not words."

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