Marchetti: "Provedel? I Was Not Surprised And I Was Struck By His Recent Performance. Maximiano? If Lazio Has Taken Him Then He Has Qualities. He Appears To Me To Have A Lot Of Room For Growth."

Federico Marchetti, the former Lazio goalkeeper, comments on the performances of the two new Lazio goalkeepers thus far. He spoke to the microphones of Il Tempo.

"Provedel? I was not surprised and I was struck by his recent performance. The only comment that could be made to him is that during the final period, he had been missing in some respects in Europe. I believe it took him to make errors to learn. He's not accustomed to playing in a rectangular formation like Lazio: there is a tremendous expenditure of mental energy."

"Maximiano? It's not simple for him. If he's committed to this endeavor, he must find the courage to get back up. I hope he's there working on himself, if Lazio has taken him then he has qualities. They recognized something good in him, he appears to me to have a lot of room for growth. But he must comprehend the Italian championship's complexity and the movements of Sarri's squad. I think that if he's effective, he'll have his revenge on behalf of himself."

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