Mariano Diaz Is Looking For Other Clubs, Lazio Is One Of Them

Finding Immobile's backup is one of Lazio's top priorities. New clues have even surfaced from Real Madrid, according to Radiosei's press review, as to whether the coup is expected to be realized in January or June. We're talking about Real Madrid forward Mariano Diaz, who expires in June 2023. 

In a vain attempt to free himself, the footballer barely considered the January transfer market. He could be one of the hottest names in the next transfer market. He is managed by You First Agency which also looks after the interests of another footballer with an uncertain future, Luis Alberto. His far from an idyllic relationship with Sarri could lead to his departure as early as January, but no offer appears to satisfy Lazio at the moment.

Mariano Diaz born in Spain in 1993, the striker of Dominican descent, approaching 30, has been a supporting role for Real Madrid for some time. First Morata, then Benzema took his place, and now he is looking for a team that can give him a fresh start. Serie A is a championship that could tease him even if at Lazio he would risk being a reserve again. 

After a successful 2017/2018 season at Lyon, where he scored 21 goals and 6 assists in 48 appearances, he returned to Real Madrid where he broke into the C and B teams and did not leave an indelible mark imprint. However, competition is strong and other clubs in Italy appear to be interested, including Roma, Milan, and Inter Milan.

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