Parolo: "I Found A Good Atmosphere At Formello. This Is Largely Due To The Work Of Sarri. Sarri Has Shown That The Players He Wants Is Fit His System Well."

December 03, 2022

Marco Parolo has always been linked with Lazio in some way. The former Biancoceleste midfielder, now DAZN's technical pundit, spoke to Il Messaggero about the current state of the team and what he sees as the future.

"It's going well in the league. But in Europe, it has to go through. The Europa League was a flop, but the further the team goes, the more beautiful and interesting the team becomes. Sarri's team is fourth-placed anyway and maybe managing the Conference League could help".

"I found a good atmosphere at Formello, which allows us to predict a good season for Lazio. This is largely due to the work of Sarri. He has centralized his figure within the club. The team follows him, he has proven that his decisions are correct, get support and there will be results."

"We have to make a choice. They can aim high, but the first two issues have to be resolved. One is Milinkovic's contract. We have to make a choice: either make money or lose another player to zero. If Lazio were to go to the Champions League, fine, otherwise they will have to look at market prices and not throw out ridiculous numbers because others won't buy it."

"The other situation is about Luis Alberto. When a player is confident in the position he is in, he is involved to the maximum. On the other hand, if he thinks his cycle is over, he will be satisfied. Certain statements that are read from his agents do not help, but if he wants to leave, it is right that he be heard, even in January."

"Ilic? In my opinion, he's the right combination of a young, promising, and strong player. He may be behind in terms of fitness, but Sarri has shown that the players he wants is fit his system well."

"Marcos Antonio? In the last few games, I feel he's growing. He's not ready to be a regular because Cataldi has grown a lot. At the same time, Danilo has taken a whole year to establish himself as a regular for the team".

"It is undeniable that a left-footed full-back and a deputy Immobile are missing. We need to find a player who can accept a Ciro's substitute role, but they are not all Caicedo."

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