Zoff: "I Believe That On A Technical Level, He (Luis Alberto) Is One Of The Best In Our League. I Appreciate Him Greatly."

December 29, 2022

The words of Dino Zoff, a legendary goalkeeper and former Lazio coach, on Luis Alberto and the significance of the Spaniard.

Often at the center of discussions, both on and off the field, Luis Alberto is preparing to experience a month of January on the field with Lazio, but the unknown transfer market in the background is a concern. Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid is pursuing him, but first, they must resolve the issue concerning Joao Felix. Luis Alberto is participating in training and is hopeful of being selected as a starter against Lecce on January 4th. On the situation, Dino Zoff expressed himself in the Gazzetta dello Sport.

These are the statements of the former biancoceleste:

"He has a unique perspective of the game that is typical of the number 10s of the past. When he carries the ball, he is very elegant and beautiful to look at. I believe that on a technical level, he is one of the best in our league. He can elevate anyone close to him and I appreciate him greatly."

"Today's football favors the player who plays more, this is also due to the five substitutions available. Having someone like him during the game is a significant advantage."

"Selling him? I don't want to find myself in these situations. I'm not familiar with the specifics details, mine would only be an external judgment. It's too easy like this. The choice must be made by those involved."

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