All Of Lazio's Players Ratings In 2022 Part 02: Midfielders And Forwards

After the defense, now we'll discuss the midfielder and forward ratings in the year 2022. Leiva's departure and the arrivals of Marcos Antonio and Vecino, the midfield also experienced some alteration between earlier in the year and at the end of the year. Here is the list of the player's ratings:


  • Leiva 10: Leiva departs Lazio at the end of last season. It wasn't a positive experience last year, but the feelings, performances and dedication, struggle, and sweat will never be forgotten.
  • Cataldi 7+: The Sarri method is effective and his performances increase in quality. Immutable and a rock in the middle, he misses only a few games. By now, he's considered a regular part of the squad, he also earns the respect of the Italy squad and conquers the country's jersey. Cataldi's career will reach its apex in 2023, he will continue to amaze.
  • Marcos Antonio 5.5: The boy has qualities, but the setting time is longer than expected. The first part of the season was spent in the shade, but the final friendly matches that were played demonstrated Marcos Antonio more prominently at the center of the game. He requires time, patience, and above all, Sarri's daily routine.
  • Milinkovic-Savic 9: The "Sergeant" is always present. Lazio can't function without him, and when he's not present, his absence is noticeable. The actual brain of the team and he also breaks assist records and scores in the double digits every year. Thinking of a Lazio without Sergej is difficult, and also impossible, because of this reason, the fans hope that 2023 will bring a contract extension.
  • Luis Alberto 6.5: With Sarri, it's a love-hate relationship. Luis is demoted to a backup role and some of his attitudes have caused controversy. He has always put the team first on the field - when called upon, he has always responded immediately and often had a significant impact on the outcome.
  • Akpa Akpro 5-: Given his dynamism, Sarri gives him a significant responsibility at the start of the season, but something goes wrong: the player is unable to affect the team's plans and leaves the club, after not having had an effect.
  • Vecino 7+: Upon his arrival among the criticisms of the fans of the midfielder, a few training sessions are sufficient to enter the hearts of his teammates and compel Sarri to give him the keys to the middle. Always present, alert, and perfectly coordinated.
  • Basic 5: A player with his abilities should be expected to have a greater impact. The previous Basic, timid and sometimes confused, cannot please anyone, especially himself. Most importantly, he is unhappy with his own performance. In 2023, he's instructed to change pace, because football is advancing, and being too far behind is a serious blunder.

  • Immobile 10: King Ciro continues his quest for records, which he already accomplished in 2022. A most prolific scorer in Lazio's history, important goals and performances were consistent. The fans cling to his bomber, who will not miss his contribution in the penalty area even in 2023.
  • Pedro 9.5: A gifted footballer, he teaches and paints football. He's a team player and still decisive. His goals earned important points regarding the standings. He has a contract that expires in June, and Lotito wants to extend it for another year. The pen is passed to him whose objective is to re-admit Lazio to the Champions League.
  • Jovane N/A: A late addition in the earlier part of 2022 that would serve as Immobile's backup. However, he was rarely given playing time and failed to meet the coach's expectations. Not redeem at the end of last season and returned to his previous club.
  • Felipe Anderson 8.5: A forward and a winger. Anderson is versatile, he can play anywhere, is precious, and is always present in the goal area. Sarri's methods are having an effect and Felipe's second tenure at Lazio has begun most positively.
  • Zaccagni 8.5: Same rating as Felipe, because together they are the extra weapon to this team. Zaccagni's 2022 season was dedicated to him on the field, but also off of it. His plays have pleased the style of Sarri, who has requested more goals from him, the fans of the Biancoceleste are eager to see him again starting on January 4th.
  • Romero 7+: The year to remember concluded with the first goal in the biancoceleste shirt. The desire is great, and the qualities are apparent. Luka Romero's potential is vast, and the new year will bring more playing time, as well as awareness of one's means.
  • Cancellieri 5.5: Like Marcos Antonio, he needs time to develop. We're discussing a young boy who must be taught with patience and caution. The goals scored with the Under 21 national team shirt, which is of exceptional quality, demonstrate his abilities. He needs more game time and a goal will finally be produced from Cancellieri.
  • Moro N/A: One of Lazio's young players that is expected to have a significant role in the future. He's now on loan to Ternana to gain more experience and playing time.

Head Coach:
  • Sarri 9.5: The fifth-place finish in the previous season is a remarkable achievement. This year's bar is higher, but his memory of Lazio's by-word is indelible. The route is still long, but the route is now marked. The team is excellent at football, the fans still appreciate the performances in Bergamo and Florence.

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