All Of Lazio's Players Ratings In 2022 Part 01: Goalkeepers And Defenders

The year 2022 is coming to an end, and 2023 has already begun. The staff of Sololazio has an opinion on the 2022 performance of all Lazio players and Sarri as the club's head coach. Here is the complete list of the player's ratings:


  • Strakosha 4Not a successful year for the Albanian goalkeeper, he made many errors, some spectacular as the one against Galatasaray, which led to many criticisms. The relationship with Sarri is never fully developed. He return to his starting position at the end of the last season after he was relegated to the bench for Reina.
  • Reina 4: Like Strakosha, in 2022 Reina has a poor performance on the field. Several errors cost Lazio dearly. The decision to return to La Liga after the end of the season is motivated by his heart, but also by the realization that the adventure in the capital has come to an end.
  • Adamonis N/A: Never participate in the official Lazio match. Currently the 3rd choice goalkeeper.
  • Maximiano N/A: Too few minutes of action to determine the player's value. Above all, 2023 will be the year of redemption for the Portuguese, they will have opportunities in the Italian Cup and Conference League.
  • Provedel 7.5: The longest negotiation of the summer, one of the longest of Lotito's tenure, finally ends with the goalkeeper's arrival in the capital. Important saves, and alternating and top-level performances, consecrate Provedel to the national team's blue shirt, as well as being one of the least frequently beaten goalkeepers in the league. 2023 will once again see Provedel and all of Lazio as protagonists.

  • Acerbi 4-: Acerbi's performance on the field was not indicative of his true worth. The errors in the matches against Milan and Roma were unforgivable, costing Biancoceleste a lot in the standings. The couple made together with Luiz Felipe didn't work and the decision to revolutionize the department was successful.
  • Luiz Felipe 5: Compared to Acerbi, he attempts to maintain the defense, but the defender's performance is lacking. The love story with Lazio ends in the worst possible way, the decision to move to La Liga despite there being a contract renewal is proposed. In Betis, he has not proven his worth to date.
  • Casale 7+: He was wanted by Sarri, it took him a few games to win the affection of the people of Lazio, who still remembered Luiz Felipe's performance. Quick, physical, and tactically astute, all of these qualities have captivated Sarri, who is now indulging in the defender's luxuries.
  • Romagnoli 8: The dream of wearing the Lazio shirt has come true. A charismatic leader on defense who Lazio has been missing for years. In the few goals that were conceded, Romagnoli's contributions were so significant that he was able to instill confidence in the entire department.
  • Marusic 7+: Only missed a few games in 2022, this consecrated him as one of the most present on the pitch. From the right, he dedicated himself to the left, where Sarri - not only for lack of alternatives - still rarely relinquishes that position to others. He pays for physical exhaustion in the final month, but the batteries for the new year have already been recharged.
  • Lazzari 7: His first starts in 2022 were difficult, but by the end of the season his performance had improved. Dedication and hard work have resulted in success, thanks to Sarri's teachings and his desire, Lazzari is currently considered one of the top right-backs in our league.
  • Patric 7+: The Spaniard is undoubtedly the most joyful note of 2022. Sarri immediately recognized his performance, especially during the partnership of Acerbi and Luiz Felipe, Patric always responded most effectively. The Tuscan coach was crucial to the defender's contract extension, who said no to Valencia. The Casale-Romagnoli duo has diminished the space, but when called into action his level has always been very high.
  • Hysaj 5: The footballer who was admired in Napoli is now just a memory. Despite scoring against Spezia, the Albanian never manages to emerge. Sarri frequently utilizes him, but he doesn't repay in the best way. He could depart at the end of the season.
  • Radu 6: The symbol of Lazio and their supporters. Sarri didn't utilize him much on the field, but his presence off the field is increasingly significant. At the end of the season, he will leave the club, which is prepared to honor him most appropriately.
  • Gila 5.5: Arrived in the summer from Real Madrid, the defender has had inconsistent performances that were either excellent or poor. In 2023 he will also be required, Sarri is prepared to utilize him between the commitments of the Italian Cup and the Conference League.
  • Vavro N/A: Sarri was still skeptical of him until the end of his tenure at the club. He returned to his previous club permanently after a short-term loan and performed adequately there.
  • Kamenovic N/A: Similar to Vavro, he never convinced Sarri to trust him in defense. He has already moved to Sparta Prague on loan to get more playing time and demonstrate his true abilities.

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