Lazio Have Acquired A Young Goalkeeper From Atletico Madrid

While Maurizio Sarri's Lazio is concerned about what will become of the transfer market, Primavera, however, is bringing great joy. New prospects are commonplace in Sanderra's squad.

The official announcement of the signing of defender Simone Cesari from Trastevere was recently made. The news doesn't end there, because Biancoceleste has also chosen the next goalkeeper who will participate in the primavera squad.

According to what was exclusively reported by La Lazio Siamo Noi, Lazio has acquired a young player, Gioele Bosi. The boy is from Guastalla, in the province of Reggio Emilia, he was born in 2007. He began his career as a young player at Atletico Madrid, he was the most prominent player under the goalposts.

The Biancoceleste management did not want to let him escape at all, as a result, they made an offer to him and successfully stole him away from his Spanish club. At 16 years old, he is still considered a minor and can’t be used in official matches. This is why the young jewel will continue to train under Sanderra's commands. 

In a few months, he will have the opportunity to express himself and in the meantime, Lazio is pursuing their goals. Crespi and his teammates want to achieve the qualification target. Bosi must seize the opportunity.

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