Patric: "We Understand The Significance Of The Coppa Italia To Us. I'm Proud Of My Career And Remain Here At Lazio."

On the eve of the Coppa Italia match between Lazio and Bologna, Patric stated that Coppa Italia was important to both teams before speaking through the official Biancoceleste microphones.

"We understand the significance of the Coppa Italia to us and the joy it has brought us. It's another race that adds to the competition, and it's always pleasing to win. Starting tomorrow, we will evaluate matches one by one. It's not going to be simple. I believe that after the break we didn't have It started in the right way. We must begin like with Sassuolo, this was a significant victory. We want to remain committed to the highest ranking. It's difficult to win in Sassuolo all the time. We understand that attempting to advance in the Italian Cup is fraught with complications, one-off in the matches can lead to anything. All you need to know is what happened to Napoli and Milan. We strategize weekly and we don't take anyone for granted."

"I can still vividly recall two matches in which we were defeated by Mihajlovic's Bologna. You were able to observe how Sinisa consumed football. His career was successful, and I recall his frustration and hunger as a coach. It was apparent that he dedicated his life to football."

"I've always been committed to overcoming tough ordeals. Today I'm stronger than last year, I continue to strive for perfection and try to work on the weak points every year. I'm proud of my career and remain here at Lazio." 

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