Romagnoli: "We Had A Fantastic Game Up Until The 80th Minute. We're Sorry Because We Wasted Important Points."

January 09, 2023

Alessio Romagnoli, Lazio's center-back, discussed the 1-1 draw against Empoli at the Olimpico. Interviewed by DAZN following the Lazio-Empoli match, Alessio Romagnoli stated:

"The coach is correct about mental problems, we had a fantastic game up until the 80th minute. We scored two goals on our own, we're sorry because we wasted important points. We didn't get out of the game, we lacked the necessary pinch to avoid suffering in the final minute. After having a significant advantage at home, you must attempt to maximize the points. This leads to a lack of clarity regarding our objectives, which is detrimental to our goals."

"The national team is everyone's dream, it's also mine. The decisions will be made appropriately by the coach, I will continue to pursue my career."

"We understand that we received a severe beating in Lecce, we can lose but we can improve. Today's match was different because we dominated. From tomorrow, we must return to our jobs in silence and attempt to triumph in Sassuolo, this will be difficult." 

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