Vecino: "The Loss To Lecce Was A Severe Disappointment For All Of Us. We Desire To Return To The Pitch Immediately, This Will Allow Us To Regain Our Winning Ways."

January 08, 2023

Lazio is called to raise their heads after the knockout suffered in the first match of 2023 against Lecce. Zanetti's Empoli will arrive at the Olimpico on Sunday, the goal is obviously to win.

These are the words of Matias Vecino in the Lazio matchday program:

"The loss to Lecce was a severe disappointment for all of us. We desire to return to the pitch immediately following Empoli, this will allow us to regain our winning ways and regain our direction following two consecutive defeats."

"Empoli is always difficult to defeat, I'm familiar with their proactive approach. Despite their loss to Udinese, they still performed well and came very close to winning, so this will be a difficult match."

"The World Cup was difficult, Uruguay had numerous goals that they were unable to accomplish. I observed the same Lazio as always, my teammates were eager to succeed. The second half in Lecce was not successful, but the team he dedicated himself to during the winter training camp and I'm sure it will pay off soon."

"It was a wonderful experience at Empoli, it was the first league in which I consistently played. We were several young players at our first experience in Serie A, we had fun and even saved up a few games early, an impossible outcome at the beginning of the season. Sarri was also on the bench, he also made his Serie A debut."

"First of all, I want to be healthy because health is the most important thing. I want to continue practicing with the same enthusiasm and passion as always to assist Lazio in achieving their goals on the field."

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