Vizcaíno: "He (Luis Alberto) Would Like To Come To Cadiz. But The Operation Is Impossible At This Time."

Cadiz would like to acquire Luis Alberto, this is the club's dream transfer that has set out to bring the Spaniard back to his native country.

Recently, an offer was made to Lazio for a loan with a payment of the player's salary,  but the offer was rejected by Lazio. The club is requesting at least 20 million euros, this is an impossible sum for Cadiz, they will have to settle for a wish that is not possible.

Even Luis Alberto's desire will not affect the situation, as stated by the president of Cadiz, Manuel Vizcaíno:

"He would like to come to Cadiz. This is a source of pride for the club. I'd like to discuss a player who would be beneficial to his experience. We all recognize his potential, but the operation is impossible at this time."

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