Rodia: "Both Romagnoli And Radu Have Passed The Examinations And Performed Extremely Well, They Will Be Available To The Coach Shortly. Pedro Will Continue Training On Tuesday."

Lazio's club doctor, dr. Fabio Rodia gave an interview to Lazio Style that described the condition of several players for the Lazio team that was absent.

"Both Romagnoli and Radu have passed the examinations and performed extremely well, they will be available to the coach shortly.  Milinkovic's symptoms of the gastrointestinal system were more acute than those of other infected individuals, he was able to integrate himself into the rehab and completely recover."

"Zaccagni experienced a high temperature before the start of the match, this was accompanied by a form of the virus. We will continue to assess his condition every day."

"Pedro has a serious injury to the nasal septum, we have placed him on a protective mask, and he will continue training on Tuesday."

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