Zauri: "We Will Need To Give Pellegrini A Chance, Who I Believe We Will See On The Pitch Sooner. It's Time For Him To Play."

February 25, 2023

Luciano Zauri spoke to the microphones of Radiosei about the momentum of Lazio, which was involved in the league and the Europa  Conference League: 

"Lazio so far, as we can see, they had Immobile 50% of the games, now the issue is figuring out how to move on the wing. I'm discussing the acquisition of Pellegrini because the other managers let their players participate and you have to do the same if you want to advance on multiple fronts. If you want to choose to only pursue the league, that is another matter."

"Yesterday Lazio had a lot of absent players, all at the same level. It was difficult. We must consider one goal: to finish in the top four. If you achieve success, you will have achieved a championship that surpasses your capabilities if you consider the available players."

"Lazio is expected to place fifth or sixth. Then Juventus was penalized, giving Lazio a chance to finish fourth, but if you look at the squad, Lazio isn't better equipped than the others. I agree with Sarri on this, but he still has to try. We will need to give Pellegrini a chance, who I believe we will see on the pitch sooner or later because he is intriguing. Sarri has his approach to football, but he now has a left-footed fullback at his disposal. It's time for him to play."

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