Rodia: "It's Important To Recognize That He's Participated In Every Match, He (Romagnoli) Has Experienced A Lot Of Physical Stress Psychological. We'll Have To Wait For 72 Hours Before Receiving The Diagnostic Results."

The outcome and Zaccagni's disqualification weren't the only negative news, the match between Atalanta and Lazio also has other unfortunate events. In the first minute of the first half, Alessio Romagnoli was substituted by Patric.

The Roman central defender, after changing direction, collapsed to the ground because of the hardening of the left flexor. Between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, he will undergo medical and instrumental tests that will allow him to learn the severity of the injury and the time it will take to recover. The only certainty is that Romagnoli will not be able to play against Cluj or Salernitana.

Speaking to the Lazio Style Channel microphones at the end of the match, Rodia discussed Romagnoli's condition: "He had a hardening sensation in the flexor of the left thigh during a midfield conflict. As a safety precaution, we took him out. We need 48 hours to figure out the issue."

"We should hope that we stopped in time, without a precise diagnosis, a clinical evaluation will be conducted tomorrow, after which time we'll have to wait for 72 hours before receiving the diagnostic results. It's important to recognize that he's participated in every match, and he has experienced a lot of physical stress psychological."

Since joining earlier this season, Romagnoli has made 27 appearances for Lazio and scored 1 goal in all competitions. From that appearance, Romagnoli spent 2,262 minutes playing.

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