Acerbi: "In July, I Want To Know Where I'll Play, I Hope A Resolution Is Found Soon For Me. I'm 35 Years Old, But I'm In Good Physical And Mental Condition."

Francesco Acerbi was questioned about his battle with cancer, his desire to recover from his troubles at Lazio, and his plans for the future. The Italian defender is currently on loan at Inter Milan.

One of Biancoceleste's key players, Francesco Acerbi is believed to have had trouble fitting into Sarri's system and his relationship with the fan base has been strained because of his controversial goal celebration.

Acerbi first discussed his struggle with the disease.

"When I had two tumors, I didn't care because I knew I could overcome them, I didn't have to be afraid, but I later realized that it's impossible to hide fear, the truth is, I previously hid it and kept it a secret," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Now, I sometimes wonder, what if the tumor returns?  Returning for a third time, if possible, then another obstacle to overcome."

Additionally, the defender discussed his comparison to Italian national team member Giorgio Chiellini.

"No, I'm old, but I want to improve continuously, otherwise I will continue to fall into error," he said.

"I arrived here after being jeered by the Lazio fans and ridiculed by the Inter fans on social media for the error at Lazio-Milan."

"But I keep quiet, I work hard, and even if I'm still at Lazio, I'm still playing there."

At the conclusion, the defender discussed his plans for the future and whether or not he intends to remain at Inter Milan.

I have no idea, that's the truth: I want to stay, I'm happy here. The fact that I can confirm is that I'll not be back in August without knowing my future, "he explained.

"In July, I want to know where I'll play, I hope a resolution is found soon for me.  I'm 35 years old, but I'm in good physical and mental condition."

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