Rossi: "In Lazio, There Are Few Players Capable Of Making A Difference In One-On-One Situations. If The Good One-On-One Players Do Not Contribute, As A Result, Lazio Will Have A Hard Time.

February 04, 2023

To discuss yesterday's performance against Juventus and Sarri's work, former coach Delio Rossi was interviewed by Radiosei's microphones. Over time, at Lazio, he has left a significant and enduring impression on the hearts of Lazio fans, making him one of the most popular characters in the fan base.

"I don't miss Sunday's game, but miss the everyday life: coaching, planning. Whether or not it's correct, that's what I can do."

"Sarri's style? It's a structured game. Every department is connected and important that they maintain their distance and brilliance, you will create a beautiful game. If one of these components is lacking, you must rely on singles, and in Lazio, there are few players capable of making a difference in one-on-one situations. To me, they tend to depend on one another too much."

"Lazio has improved the defensive phase because they take better care of it and the players have improved.  Maybe there is no significant increase in attacks.  If the opponent drops deep, they are having a less brilliant match and if the good one-on-one players do not contribute, as a result, Lazio will have a hard time.  And yesterday was such a match. If Sarri wants a player that possesses the attributes of leg and aggression in the middle of the field, Lazio will need to acquire a player with those traits."

"I repeat, in games like this, you sometimes have to go outside the box. Can mental capacity be taught? It depends: some players need extrinsic motivations which are 98% of the total and the other 2% always play to the max, regardless of any external factor. However, there are very few of them. Footballers are strange being."

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