Hernanes: "Derbies Are Not Won With Talent, But With Passion. Lazio Is More Organized And Plays Better Than Roma. The Only Thing Missing From Biancoceleste Is Consistency."

During an interview with the Corriere della Sera's microphones, Hernanes discussed tonight's derby. He is proficient in the derby, and as a player for Lazio, he participated in many of them and even scored on several occasions. 

The former Biancoceleste player discussed how he dealt with this challenge, he explained how values conflict and often the team with the greatest obstacles is the winner:

"I don't want to express myself, but paradoxically, the weaker team or team that is less fortunate often wins in this type of match. In reality, I also perceive a logic to this: in fact, derbies are not won with talent, but with passion. And the team that is faced with difficulty has the incentive to devote more passion to it. However, the rankings, value of the team, quality of the game, in these instances have little to do with the results."

"Is Sarri appealing to me? Yes, a lot. Lazio is more organized and plays better than Roma. The only thing missing from Biancoceleste is consistency. They're a little fluctuating, but they have the potential to achieve great things."

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