Romagnoli: "Derby Della Capitale? It's The Most Important Match In All Of The Matches. To Win, We'll Have To Give Everything Up On The Field And In Every Minute Of The 90 Minutes."

Alessio Romagnoli's comments during the match program before the anticipated 180th derby in the capital between Lazio and Roma. Here are his comments:

What will be necessary to win the derby?

"It's a game that prepares itself, it's essential to the environment and our team.  To win, we'll have to give everything up on the field and in every minute of the 90 minutes."

Can the loss to AZ be considered a lesson for the games that are still to be played during the tournament?

"We are disappointed with our performance, we had a strong start in both races, then we had an unfortunate turnaround. Now we must replenish our energy and prepare as best we can for the final sprint that we'll have until the end of the tournament."

Last year's championship saw Lazio concede 58 goals, they currently have the second-lowest number of goals conceded in the tournament: 19: are you surprised by this improvement?

"This change honors the effort of the entire team, including the summer training camp in Auronzo di Cadore and the coach's and staff's assistance that helps us improve over time."

You are in the first year of the Lazio team, yet you seem to have always participated in Biancoceleste's games, what is the secret of this collective?

"Our locker room is comprised of beautiful, healthy individuals as if it were a second family. The newcomers entered immediately as a result of those who have been associated with this team for so long."

During your career, you also competed in the Genoa and Milan derby, what makes the derby in the capital special?

"It's the most important match in all of the matches.  Those who follow the game on the field have faith and emotion that lead them to feel it more and play it with a different spirit than other matches."

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