Leiva: "Lazio Will Be Able To Prepare Better With One Game Per Week, So I Hope They Can Return To The Top Four. The Derby's Victory Will Undoubtedly Have An Additional Motivating Effect On The Champions League Race."

March 30, 2023

Lucas Leiva, former number 6 of Lazio, after moving to Gremio, his favorite team, discovered he had a heart condition that led him to give up playing football. Here is what the Brazilian reportedly said to Il Messaggero about Biancoceleste as well as beyond.

About conditions

"I experienced this unexpected event: I will not be able to participate in the sport anymore, but my health is still fine. I had the mission to help my favorite team, Gremio, in returning to the first division and I accomplished this. This year, I intended to do my best because we have a formidable group, but I will not be able to participate."

About the future

"I'm in communication with Gremio, but I also want to take some time to relax. I find football management to have a lot of appeals, and I suppose I could pursue a career in that field."

The affection of comrades

"Many people have written to me, from those who didn't feel much to the former teammates who have become a family.  I did not know the love surrounding me."

About Lazio

"They have performed exceptionally well in the league, aside from a few instances of a difficult play. Then the derby's victory will undoubtedly have an additional motivating effect on the Champions League race, which is known to be a fixed goal."

"Lazio is in the learning stage. It takes time to comprehend what Sarri is requesting, but the results are already apparent. Zaccagni can accomplish more. Milinkovic continues to demonstrate his value. Lazzari is having fewer games but is providing a lot during the offensive phase. It's always safe to rely on Marusic. Next is Pedro, an extraordinary player, and Felipe Anderson who was crucial without Immobile."

About Immobile

"A candidate to replace Ciro would be beneficial, but we must first find someone who has the patience to prepare to become the future forward. Immobile is the captain, he has already demonstrated his value, and despite having suffered from injuries this season, he will always participate in the game."

Post Leiva

"Cataldi experienced significant growth last year and their defense is also improving. Marcos Antonio is a very different player from me, it is impolite to compare him to me because he's more concerned with possessing. He encountered some difficulties that I didn't anticipate, but you can perceive that he has tremendous potential."

Leiva with Sarri

"I would have played with him. He's such a football connoisseur that it can take a long time to understand him. Regardless of where he went, he won. This season, he has recruited the players he desired and the results have been positive. If the team then has a clear identity, I don't see why not focus on him for an extended period."

The years with Inzaghi

"He was one of the coaches who capitalized on my talent in football the most. He is an extraordinary individual that possesses multiple attributes that are often misunderstood. Sadly, Liverpool no longer participates in the Champions League, as a result, I will support him and the friends that I have at Inter."

The years at Lazio

"I arrived at a club that treated me just as well as the fans. We took home three trophies. We qualified for the Champions League and without Covid, we could have won the Scudetto in 2020. Rome is a special city, and I plan to return frequently."

Serie A season finale

"You never know in football, but based on how Napoli is playing, I believe they will win the championship in the end. You can't go wrong in the Champions League race; Lazio will be able to prepare better with one game per week, so I hope they can return to the top four."

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