The Rise Up Of Alessio Romagnoli

March 29, 2023

After Lazio, Romagnoli also took over Italy. A thrilling week for Biancoceleste's defender: a second derby triumph and a return to the national team following his final appearance on November 18th, 2019.

In the summer, the choice of the heart was predicated on offers that had come from the Premier League. He chose to fulfill his desire to play for the team that he adored most. In recent months, after the Milan seasons ended with the championship being won as captain, he didn't think his inclusion would be so simple.  Instead, after a few days of retreat in Auronzo, and the embrace of the Lazio players who had realized they finally had a true fan in their team, Romagnoli finally experienced joy for celebrating the first goal scored against Spezia on October 2nd under the curva nord and primarily his improved physical condition that fared well every game (so far 32 cup and league appearances).  

Coach Mancini finally noticed his consistent performance after more than 4 years and called him again. Malta was not a dangerous opponent, but Romagnoli confirmed, at the age of 28, that he was the real deal.

After arriving on a free transfer thanks to the efforts of Tare, who had been courting him for the last two years, Lotito and Sarri have indicated him as a fundamental pivot of Lazio's defense.

Now that his focus has returned to the league, he will resume training this afternoon to arrive in Monza in peak condition on Sunday.

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